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  1. I am very interested in th project
    i work a lot in China and had already commissions of monumental public art
    – 1 sculpture 7m50 at shanghai (Jin Han)
    – 7 monumental pieces at Chengdu
    – 2 monumental scluptures in Hong Kong
    i had also important exhibition in Macau display of 8 monumental pieces in town and a monographic exhibition t modern art museeumof Macau

  2. Bonjour
    Amor Abadah HARZALLAH
    Président de l’union des artistes photographes tunisiens.
    Président de l’union de photographes arabe (bureau de Tunisie).
    Officier de liaison de la fédération internationale de l’art photographique.
    Fondateur du « musée Harzallah de la photographie. »
    E-mail : harzamor@yahoo.fr
    0021620315750 – 0021698315750

  3. Norbert Ghisoland was born in Belgium in 1878, in the village of La Bouverie, in the Borinage district.
    From 1897 to 1900, he was apprenticed to a photographer inMons. His father was a
    deep-seam coal-miner and wanted his sons to have a better life than his. At first Norbert
    was going to be a carpenter, and his brother a photographer, but then his brother was
    killed in an accident so Norbert took his place. In 1902, Norbert moved into a house in
    Frameries, a village near his birthplace, where he opened his photographer’s studio on
    the ground floor. He lived over the studio with his family until his death on 2 November
    1939. He spent all his working life in the same place, taking photographs of any local
    people who could afford to pay him, for a full-length portrait to mark a family occasion,
    or for a celebration, or, more often, for a portrait photo for their identity cards.
    At his death, Norbert left behind more than 90,000 glass-plate negatives, neatly
    numbered and packed into cardboard boxes, ready in case the customers ordered extra
    prints. Today, only about half of these negatives have survived:most of the missing ones
    were donated by his family to the people of the Netherlands in 1953, when, following
    disastrous floods, there was an acute shortage of glass there. When we look at the
    images that have survived, we cannot fail to be moved by the thought that the whole
    lot could have disappeared, as was the case in so many other photographic studios,
    which, even though their images were far from the exceptional quality of Ghisoland’s,
    often ended up at the dump. The saving of the glass-plate negatives was also helped
    by a beautiful story of a photographic family tree. Norbert’s son, Edmond, served in the
    Belgian army in the Second World War and was imprisoned in a German prisoner-of-war
    camp. On his release in 1945, he returned to the family home in Frameries and decided
    to re-open his father’s photographic studio, to photograph the children and grandchildren
    of those who had been immortalised by Norbert. Although he used celluloid film, he carefully preserved his father’s glass-plate negatives. When Edmond retired, his son Marc took over the business, changed his surname back to the old spelling of
    Ghuisoland, and today takes digital photos in the same studio. It wa sMarc, assisted by his friend Mary van Eupen, a graphic designer, who has created this exhibition, which
    includes more than 100 previously unseen images, and which is a real revelation.
    After many exhibitions through Europe, in 2013, twenty photographs are shown at the 55th International Art Exhibition
    of la Biennale di Venezia at the request of its curators: Massimiliano Gioni and
    Cindy Sherman.
    This exhibition request is therefore introduced by Marc Ghuisoland, the grandson of Norbert!

    1. Ikram silounis étudiante à l’école des beaux art spécialité désigne graphique
      Info graphy
      Photo geraphy
      Dessin peinture
      Sino geraphy

  4. Je serais très intéressée par ce projet d’échange fort enrichissant. Je vous remercie de m’adresser tous documents complémentaires aux liens mentionnés .
    Bien à vous

  5. Merci Remy pour cette invitation. Ce projet m’intéresse vivement et je pense candidater
    Sincères Salutations
    Georges MEUBLAT

  6. Dans les « Articles récents » (en haut à droite) le « Séjour de peinture à Wenzhou » mérite qu’on s’y attarde un moment.
    Si jamais vous cherchez des peintres, et contemporains, et accomplis, Cliquez le lien.
    Apparemment ce séjour de peinture a été fructueux, en tout cas il y a beaucoup de bonnes toiles reproduites dans la page. Cette appréciation n’a rien d’exagéré, il suffit de voir

  7. Buenas tardes… estoy interesado en participar. Me gustaria saber la fecha de recepcion de obras. Yo soy Humberto Salas Escultor Venezolano

  8. Bonjour
    Je suis intéressée pour postuler à la Biennale 2019.
    Je vous remercie de me faire parvenir le lien nécessaire au dossier d’inscription, car le lien envoyé par La Maison des Artistes ne fonctionne pas.

  9. Merci de cette initiative, fruit de fréquents contacts avec de nombreux hommes de l’Art en Chine et sans doute d’une profonde confiance, précieuse qualité entre personnes de culture différente.

    J’espère y associer mes amis peintres de Pékin de la China Academy of fine Arts.
    Espérant faire parti du voyage.

  10. As usual Beijing biennale is nice to enjoy Arts and the theme you pick is very fantastic makes the artist fulfill to participate

  11. Dear colleagues,
    Thank you for the invitation.
    This is the 4th Biennial I will participate in.
    My 4 meters. steel sculpture « Space Dance for Peace No;4 » received the Prize of Excellence and has been purchased by the Municipality of Beijing and the China Ministry of Culture, and placed in the permanent sculpture collection in the International Sculpture Park- (« People’s Park » in Beijing)
    I look forward to meet again my artists friends in 2019.
    Best regards,
    Mircea Cristian Paul Goreniuc
    Romanian -American artist

  12. Bonjour,
    j’espère qu’il n’est pas trop tard pour cette inscription, je vois ici des documents à remplir mais ou les adresser?
    Vous m’aviez dit au téléphone que la date butoir était le 25 dec je crois.
    Marc Perez

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