The 2nd Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen 2020

中国北京国际美术双年展 2019-11-29

L’inauguration de la première édition de la Biennale.
Rémy Aron, à l’inauguration de la première édition de la Biennale internationale de Dafen.

Regulations of the 2nd Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen, 2020

Under the national development goals of “the Belt and Road” initiative and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the cultural brand of Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen (Dafen Biennale for short) continues to exert its international influence, with Shenzhen, the pioneer city of reform and opening-up, as a foothold, continuously radiating outward, promoting the new trend of cultural industry development with stronger confidence, and setting the standards of artistic creation.

This exhibition continues to adhere to the promotion of oil paintings with creativity and individuality, with a special focus on painting, academic and artistic characteristics. Through this exhibition, Dafen will become a platform for China to understand the world and a window for the world to acknowledge China, thus facilitating the exchange and development of artists from all over the world in terms of culture and art.

I. The Designation of the Exhibition

The 2nd Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen, 2020

II. Exhibition Time, Venue and Sum of Exhibits

Exhibition Time: September, 2020

Exhibition Venue: Dafen Art Museum, Shenzhen

Sum of Exhibits: Approx. 280

III. Exhibition Theme

Theme: Home and Co-existence

Interpretation of the theme: Building a beautiful home is a common dream of mankind. We should respect nature, promote green development, and enable the concept of ecological civilization and human symbiosis to be deeply rooted in the hearts of people.

In the development of globalization, we are in a relationship featuring diversity, complementary, intertwined interests, and equality. The interdependence, reciprocity and co-existence between human and nature, human and society, and between human themselves have constituted a global symbiosis system. Only when different countries and different ethnic groups work together to build a comprehensive and harmonious home for human with different cultures, can we jointly build a community of shared future, make life better and achieve harmonious symbiosis.

IV. Organizations


China Artists Association

CPC Publicity Department of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee

Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles

CPC Shenzhen Longgang District Committee, People’s Government of Longgang District


Fine Arts Center of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles

Shenzhen Artists Association

Longgang District Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau

Buji Sub-district Office of Longgang District, Shenzhen


Dafen Art Museum, Shenzhen 

Organizing Committee:

The Organizing Committee of “The 2nd Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen, 2020” is set up to strengthen the guidance of organizing and preparatory works. This committee is comprising of honorary directors, executive directors, deputy directors, secretary generals, commissioners, office directors and deputy office directors, and will take all responsibility for coordinating sponsors, organizers, co-organizers and related departments and is responsible for guiding the preparation and exhibition works of the Dafen Biennale.


Honorary Directors: Fan Di’an, Li Xiaogan

Executive Directors: Xu Li, Chen Jinhai, Li Ruiqi, Zhang Yong 

Deputy Directors: Tao Qin, Ma Fenghui, Liang Yu, Dai Jintao 

Secretary Generals: Hu Gengxiang, Shang Boying, Dong Xiaoming, Dong Junxin


Commissioners: Ning Pingping, Liu Bin, Liu Deping, Min Yuhui, Li Kungang, Chen Xiangbo, Yang Xiaoyang, Chen Qiping, Liu Yajing, Chen Xiangbing, Hao Qiang, Liang Jian, Zhang Ke


Office Directors: Liu Zhong, Ning Pingping, Min Yuhui, Chen Xiangbo, 

Deputy Office Directors: Lv Yanfeng, Yang Xiaoyang, Chen Qiping, Liu Yajing 

Exhibition Editors: Wang Wei, Lu Weixuan


V. Requirements for Participating Artists and Works

The participating works of the 2nd Dafen Biennale are expected to come from all over the world, and the representative oil paintings will be selected. The specific requirements are:

1. Domestic and foreign participating works of Dafen Biennale can be submitted freely and are collected globally.

2. The participating works are supposed to be oil paintings created after 2016, and should be the artist’s own original works. All the rights and interests of the submitted works belong to the artist himself/herself. The submitted works should focus on aesthetic taste and artistic quality. Each person should submit no more than 2 works (including co-created works).

3. The length and width of oil painting works should be no less than 1m (excluding the outer frame), and each side length of wooden box should be less than 2.4m after the post is packed. The packaged weight should not exceed 100kg.

4. Once being selected, the participating works should be framed by the artist, and the inner and outer frames should be firm. The frames should not have nails and exposed sharp objects. If the participating works have mirror frame, it should not use glass mirror and could use plexiglass or transparent plastic board.

5. The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse the participating works which are not in accordance with the information in the forms submitted by artists or which are over-sized, overweight, smelly, difficult to be transported and arranged for exhibition, or are dangerous to the visitors.

6. The participating works are required to be original. Once plagiarism is found, the work will be disqualified for selection and participation in the exhibition. Once the selected works have been found to have mistakes related to politics and history, violations of public orders and customs, and hurt the feelings of the Chinese people, the Organizing Committee should have the right to immediately cancel all the qualifications about it, such as being selected and published and participating in exhibitions and conferences. The Organizing Committee reserves the right of final interpretation of related issues.


VI. Participating Method and Relevant Schedule

1. Submission Time: Late November, 2019 to April 15, 2020.

2. Evaluation: Dafen Biennale adopts the online submission, and the participating artist should log on the website (website: and submit the information to complete the registration according to the requirements. Each participating artist needs to submit high resolution images of the work in JPG format (more than 8 million pixels or no less than 5MB) and is required to complete the registration form on the official website. The form must be clearly filled out, without missing items, and the submitted materials will not be accepted if exceeding the submission time. The Organizing Committee will review images of domestic and foreign participating works, and all participating information will be archived. Once submitted, the materials will not be returned, please keep the original copy. The Organizing Committee does not accept works submitted via email, photos or the original works sent by post.

3. The Results of Evaluation: The Organizing Committee will select the works based on the photos of works and the results will be announced on the official website of the Dafen Biennale in July, 2020. Meanwhile, the Organizing Committee will notify the selected artists to clarify the responsibilities, rights and obligations of both parties.

4. Registration and participation fee is not required.

5. The Organizing Committee reserves the rights as follows: freely exhibit the participating works, freely take photos of these works freely and use these photos openly free of charge, use the artist personal information listed in the registration forms for domestic and foreign publicity works of the exhibition, and publications of paintings albums etc., and the image reproduction rights including developing biennale souvenirs, and the right to publish the works in the relevant media and networks for long term.

6. All the participating works and participants of Dafen Biennale should be deemed to have confirmed and complied with the requirements of the notice.

VII. Packaging, Transportation and Insurance of Participating Works

1. The Organizing Committee covers the cost of round-trip transportation fees for participating works from overseas (from the country in which the works are located to Shenzhen, China). For domestic participating works, only the returning cost is covered.

2. The participating artists should cover the cost of round-trip insurance of transportation by themselves for their works. The Organizing Committee will refuse to offer carriage service for uninsured works, and will be responsible for the insurance of the participating works during exhibition.

3. The Organizing Committee will inform the foreign artists the confirmed carrier agency by website announcements and e-mail in time. The carrier agency will arrange their staff to contact foreign artists in a timely manner. The foreign artists should properly pack participating works as required, and put them in a fumigated box and give it to the carrier agency designated by the Organizing Committee, and clearly mark the designated exhibiting number offered by the Organizing Committee on the outside of the packages before August 10th, 2020. In order to complete customs clearance smoothly, if the packaging materials of foreign participating works is raw wood (including all materials used for packaging works such as crates, mats and wedges, etc.), the raw wood must be fumigated, and the artists are required to mark the national IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) logos on at least both sides of packaging materials. In addition, the artist should bear the cost of packaging, and the carrier agency will be responsible for picking up the works.

The domestic artists should post the packed participating works to the designated location of Organizing Committee and clearly write the designated exhibiting number offered by the Organizing Committee on the outside of the package box before August 10, 2020. The post must be “door” to “door”. The fees of posting works to Shenzhen should be borne by the artists, and the fees of shipping works back will be borne by the Organizing Committee.

Participating artists should ship the corresponding works or deliver them to the carrier agency in time, and should not replace works with other ones without permission, otherwise the Organizing Committee has the right to refuse it. If participating works can not be delivered to carrier agency or shipped to the designated place in time, the

Organizing Committee will not be responsible for the consequences that the works can not be exhibited in this case.

The Organizing Committee will not accept any unselected works, and will not undertake any obligation of the works.

4. For any selected works damaged during transportation due to poor packaging, or broken, shed, deformed or suffering other changes due to their own instability or weakness, or damaged in the process of transportation at artist’s own risk, the Organizing Committee will notify the artist in time, but will not take any responsibility of it.

5. The Organizing Committee will be responsible for returning the selected works. For the foreign works sent by the undesignated carrier agency, the Organizing Committee will not be responsible for returning them. If those works do need to be returned, the artist should negotiate with the Organizing Committee before September 15, 2020.

VIII. The Benefits of Artists

1. Each participating artist will receive a copy of “The Collection of the 2nd Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen, 2020”. The Collection will be published, with all participating works, the introduction of artists, work descriptions and other related text contents being included .

2. The selected works will be awarded the certificate issued by the Organizing Committee.

3. For the selected domestic participating works (the top 60 pieces), the artists will have the one chance of applying to become a member of China Artists Association.

IX. Works for Donation

The organizing committee accepts free donations. Artists who are willing to donate participating works voluntarily should mark in the column of the work registration form. The donated works should be the original copy of the exhibits. The Organizing Committee will issue certificates to the artists who donate their works and hold donation exhibition in due time.

X. Academic Symposium

1. Relevant international academic symposiums will be held after the opening ceremony of the exhibition. Members of the Organizing Committee, domestic and foreign participating artists and influential critics, curators and related scholars will be invited to the symposiums. 

2. The topic of the symposiums will focus on the theme of the exhibition, such as “Home and Co-existence”.

XI. Contact Information

Address: Dafen Art Museum, Buji Sub-district, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China

Postal Code: 518112

Tel: (Beijing Time: 9:00 – 18:00)

86-755-84732622 (for domestic including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions)

86-755-28269640 (for foreign)

Fax: 86-755-84732622

Dafen Biennale official website:

E-mail: (for domestic including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions) (for foreign)

Note: All artists who apply to participate in this Dafen Biennale are deemed to have agreed to the regulations mentioned above and related rules in the application form. The Organizing Committee of the 2nd Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen, 2020 has the final interpretation for the contents of this regulations. 

The Organizing Committee of Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale, Shenzhen

November 27, 2019

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